Sep 16, 2015

Xenomorph Cosplay 2015

For DragonCon 2015 I donned a new Xenomorph cosplay that I fabricated with the help of the Atlanta Cosplay Meetup at Freeside Atlanta. It was an awesome opportunity to learn more sophisticated prop-making techniques from experienced costumers and professionals. The theme for our group this year was Colonial Marines and Aliens. We had fabricated over 9 completed sets of Colonial Marine armor, with each set consisting of 18+ resin cast armor pieces. The alien head was 3D printed and the body was made of EVA foam.
Original Alien head base was sliced and lasercut into cardboard, then assembled
Due to a shift in schedule and and accident involving the original Alien head sculpt, the head was then re-modeled and then sliced into 32 separate 3D printed parts
Assembled with glue and an acetone + ABS sludge
Clear worbla dome
Helmet with dome attached
Dorsal pipe progress
EVA progress for chestpiece
EVA foam pieces, early progress

My personal project for this year will be to revise the body armor of the Xenomorph, rebuild the head to better fit myself and a jaw mechanism, and improve the way the inner jaw functions.