Oct 2, 2013

Ogre Model Progress



Color Map

Bump Map

Specular Map

Current progress of my ~2500 poly model assignment. The bump map needs some tweaking and needs to be toned down a little. The specular map can be pushed further and is a little too shiny on the main body of the character.

So far in creating this character (The Dragon Age Ogre) I have...
  1. Modeled from scratch in Maya ~2500 polys
  2. Imported into zBrush to sculpt in details
  3. Exported from zBrush the displacement map and the normal map
  4. Create the color map using the displacement map information
  5. Create the specular map using the color map information
  6. Attach all 3 maps to the model in maya
After cleaning up the maps some, I will continue rigging, painting skin weights, and animating the character.