Oct 18, 2013

Capra Demon Values

Continuation of my capra demon redesign, where I fleshed out #2 from this character sheet. A little messier and quicker than intended but I think it got the point across. Next I will make cleaner and more detailed color variations of #6, the one most voted for in class. Description of his redesign:

A capra demon that wandered too far from Demon Ruins into the Catacombs' dark Tomb of the Giants, where the god of death and disease resides. Trapped here, the capra demon slowly rotted away overtime and took on a resemblance to the first of the Dead that rules the Catacombs. This mutated capra demon attacks as quickly as he had before, but does so blindly with chaotic and unpredictable movements, making huge sweeps with his single sword and reaching wildly with his free hand to snatch away the humanity from its victims.